This is our history.

Peder Nilsson Lauvskar, born 1844, bought the farm Lauvskar from hos brother Nils in 1872. From 1893 to 1896 Peder cultivated the great marshland on the farm, and in 1897 he built a shed and a barn in conjuction with the great marshland cleared for farming. At this time he lived in the croft connected to the main farm.

This is what the house looked like when it was finnished back in 1902

was cumbersome for Peder to live on the main farm meanwhile maintining the newly cleared piece of land. So he decided in 1902 to give the deed of the main farm to his son, as well as giving the newly cleared land the name Myrvang. In 1903 a new main house was built, and Peder lived there ever since.

Peder and Sesilia with their child.
Peder, being the working man that he was, could not sit idly by. In spare moments he sat in his kitchen and carved clogs. His daughter Berta took over the farm in 1912. She got married in 1911 with Lars Sigmundsson Steintveit and they took the name Myrvang after the name of the farm. At that time the farm had four cows, two calves and two sheep, and here was a three-acre field which grew oats, barley and potatoes.
Like many other farms at that time, this farm housed summer guests. The house owners moved into the basement or stayed in the cabin for the animals and townsfolk moved into the house. This provided a handy income, so that the most necessary things could be bought. Their son Sigmund took over the farm in 1942. He managed the farm together with his wife Klara until their son Magne took over. There were two living rooms in the house along with basement living room, and this gave room for several families to live in the house at the same time. This was quite common in the period after the war, but also in later years the farm housed a lot of people. In the mid 70’s both children of Sigmund and Klara lived in the house with their families.
Berta and Lars
Sigmund and Klara
In 2006 Sigmund died, and his daughter Britt Laila took over and did a complete refurbishment of the house from 2007 to 2012. The house is now opened for guests, accomodation and banquets under the name Sigmundstovo Guesthouse.

Rita, grand daughter of Sigmund and Klara, and fifth generation of the house, is now the chef as well as the hostess. We welcome you to Sigmundstovo Guesthouse, and hope you’ll get an unforgettable experience here!

Lars and Rita