A rustic and flavourful cuisine based on local ingredients, made with love and care.
The true and natural flavours are in focus in my kitchen. I combine traditional ingredients with new and exciting flavours from all continents. In this way I hope to create something new, but with respect for the old traditions.

I am a chef by education and have worked my way through Norway from Pasvikdalen in the north to Stavanger in the south.
In Pasvik Taiga I had my first encounter with a pure concept based exclusively on local ingredients. This fascinated and challenged me in every way, and I have been building on this knowledge throughout my career. I have learned that the key is to be small enough, so that it feels natural to do all the work by yourself.

We make everything from scratch at the Sigmundstovo Guesthouse, in cooperation with local farmers. Here you can enjoy homemade jams and toppings for breakfast, fish from the fjord for lunch, and for dinner we gladly serve you local deer or wild sheep meat cooked with inspiration from around the world.