Excperience the Norwegian nature with us.

Cooking classes;
Experience the kitchen of Sigmundstovo, learn the chef’s little secrets, and come along to create new and exciting flavors.

Wine and beer courses; 
We collect beer from small micro breweries on the Norwegian west coast, and put together flavors and scents that fit the beer or wine.

Farm visit; 
We work along with “Det lille Osteriet” in Samnanger, where we are welcome to bring our guests for a visit.

Sigmundstovo Gueshouse has bikes for rent. Samnanger offers beautiful nature and has many nice roads one can choose to visit by bike.

Sigmundstovo Guesthouse is situated at the foot of Gullfjellet, Bergen’s highest mountain 987 m. A trip here will provide both challenges and breathtaking views. Samnanger offers scenic walks both along the fjord and up the mountains, and there are many marked hiking trails to choose from.

One can go fishing in seas, rivers and lakes in Samnanger, the staff at the Guesthous are willing to help you find a spot to go fishing and a store where you can buy your fishing card.

We can help you rent a kayak, if one wants to paddle in the beautiful Samnangerfjord.

Winter activities
In Samnanger you’ll find Eikedalen SkiCentre, one of the largest alpine resorts in Hordaland. You can also visit Totræna WinterPark that offers freshly groomed trails for all those who love cross-country skiing. In Kvamskogen, a mountain area, you’ll find marked and groomed skiing-trails mostly the whole winter season.

Laga; the craft shop
This is a small idyllic store with the good flavors of home made food, and creative crafts from skilled craftsmen. The store is open Friday to Sunday all year round, all weeks, even during holidays.

For more information: visitsamnanger.no

totræna vinterpark

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