Sleep trough a hundred years of history.
We offer four cozy rooms with a total of eight beds and two bathrooms. Each room has its own character, but you will find the original timber wall in each room. Also, doors and floors are restored to their original state.. This therefor makes it possible to sleep through a hundred years of history.

The dusk room

The dusk room

This is a room with a masculine feel, yet we can assure you that you will enjoy relaxing on the soft beds and comfortable pillows.

Lace room

The lace-room

Here you should be able to find your way back to the memories of your grandmother’s home. In this room you’ll find everything from bright lace curtains to a beautiful bedspread.

Blue room

The blue room

Here we have tried to create a cool feeling with soft colors so you can find harmony in your body. With subdued lighting and a magazine on the bed, you will automatically find peace.

Rose room

The rose-room

This is our “wedding suit”, we have played at the feeling of romance with the canopy bed, a large chandelier in the ceiling and soft sheep skin on the floor to create the feeling of being in love.

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