A good place for all occasions!
We offer you a unique setting for your banquet. Dining takes place in our cozy and stylish living room, where we can serve up to 34 guests. You will feel the hospitality and warmth that has always characterized meals in this room. The hosts will take good care of you whatever the reason for your stay. .
No birthday is too small or too big to be celebrated in Sigmundstovo Guesthouse. Together with you, we will find a menu and a concept that meets your requirements.

Our romantic premises is the perfect place for one of life’s greatest highlights. We want to put everything in place for you to have a wedding that creates memories for a lifetime.

The Confirmation day is a great day for both the main person and his family. As with all of life’s major events, food is important. We will help you to choose a menu to suit everyone, so that the main person’s day will be unforgettable.

We will be pleased to help you celebrate your new family member. The menu for the day is set up according to your needs and the ingredients available for the season.

A memorial break in Sigmundstovo Guesthouse offers room for rest and contemplation.


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